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Teachers' resources

Find out more about what's on at The Hepworth during your visit, and the resources that you can use to support your visit to the gallery.

Teacher-led resources at the gallery

We have a range of teacher-led resources that you can use to support your visit to The Hepworth and enhance your students’ explorations of the gallery and garden.

Borrow our Exploring Art Kits to creatively explore the artworks. Discover what you can see, hear and smell with your own garden sketchbooks. Go on a journey through the gallery with Reg, our sensory snake.

Current exhibitions

Be inspired by world-class art and our exciting programme of collection displays and exhibitions at the gallery.

Discover sculptor Kim Lim and explore a variety of media including printmaking and 3D work from colourful wooden and metal sculptures to minimalist works in marble and stone.

Explore the paintings of Andrew Cranston, whose focus on familiar everyday scenes including still life, interiors, portraits and landscapes create a strong sense of place.

Explore the theme of Still Lives through painting, sculpture, photography and ceramics and see how artists have found inspiration in everyday objects across different periods of art history.

Delve into Barbara Hepworth’s studio environment, her tools and materials, and a unique collection of her working models and sculptural prototypes.

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Resources on Barbara Hepworth

Plan your visit to the gallery

Teachers' notes on past exhibitions