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Burberry Inspire - Year 3

During year 3 of Burberry Inspire, The Hepworth Wakefield partnered with South Craven School and Carlton Keighley to engage 1275 students with artist in residence projects both at home during remote learning and virtually in-school. Students continued their creative journey with The Hepworth the following year, visiting the gallery for a series of cultural experience days.

“Burberry Inspire was meaningful because I learned a lot about myself during the time working with The Hepworth.” Student, South Craven School
“Students have noticeably become more confident and bolder in their work. They have developed a sense of individual creativity and appreciation for their own work and are proud of what they have achieved.” Teacher, Carlton Keighley


Burberry Inspire 2020/21: A whole world of inspiration

Creativity Kits

To launch the year, each student received a creativity kit containing creative activities and exciting art materials for students to experiment with at home.

The activities were developed in collaboration with Burberry Inspire: New York partner Studio in a School NYC and used artwork by UK and New York artists as inspiration for the students.

“I enjoyed getting new equipment because it gave us a new experiences.” Student, Carlton Keighley
“It was inspiring working on projects knowing students nationally and internationally are also involved; and for the students to have access to materials they might not have at home through the Kits.” Teacher, South Craven School

“Coming back to school I was very stressed but when we received our art kits it made me very happy because I saw all these things I could do. Art took my mind off a lot of things and helped me reflect on myself.” Student, South Craven School

Virtual Artist in Residence

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the artist in residence projects were adapted to be delivered virtually; with live streamed workshops shared with schools using cameras and microphones in the artists’ studios and classrooms.

Students worked with artists Bryony Pritchard and Harriet Fletcher to experiment with sculpture, printmaking, metal embossing, collage, wire drawing and expressive mark making to experience the breadth of visual arts not used in the classroom due to limited school resources. In-line with Covid-19 measures in schools, each student received an individual material kit with everything needed for the project.

We delivered over 100 artist-led virtual workshops and made 3,500 individual materials kits for students!

Each workshop explored the theme ‘Inspired Places’, engaging with diverse artists who were inspired by pattern and place within their cultures. Workshops also incorporated mindfulness activities, equipping students and staff with exercises to support their wellbeing.

“The programme has introduced students to new artists and practical skills that they wouldn’t normally have access to.” Teacher, Carlton Keighley

“My favourite part about working with an artist was that I got to see a different perspective from the artist herself, and we got to learn loads of new techniques I never knew before which was very fun.” Student, South Craven School

Cultural Experience Days

When covid restrictions were listed and the gallery reopened, we welcomed students from both schools for seven ‘cultural; experience’ trips to the gallery. Building upon experiences in the artist in residence workshops, students engaged in a series of artist-led workshops inspired by the exhibitions, and garden.

Each student participated in three workshops, including printmaking, drawing to music, willow weaving, sculpture making and felt making.

“We have had fantastic visits. Students have loved exploring sculpture and textiles workshops, and the artists and staff have been incredible, helping students to be confident in expressing themselves. An unforgettable experience!” Teacher, Carton Keighley

Remote Learning

“Working with The Hepworth has definitely made me a lot happier because as lockdown happened, everything just stopped and that was something that carried on going.” Student, South Craven School

“The remote learning videos from artists have been brilliant for our remote teaching during this second lockdown.” Teacher, South Craven School

“I was struggling in lockdown and as soon as I saw the work that was set for me to go outside and explore your own area I found it very calm.

My photography project gave me the motivation to go outside. To explore the area I know in lockdown and take photos gave me a bit of relaxation from the work and stress.”

Student, South Craven School

Creative Careers

For Discover! Creative Careers Week we produced a series of short films about what it’s like to work at an art gallery and the different types of creative jobs there are within the museum and galleries sector. The films showcase the variety of roles within an art gallery, the type of skills needed and pathways into these jobs.

Burberry Inspire: New York Collaboration

The Hepworth Wakefield collaborated with Burberry Inspire: New York arts partner Studio in a School NYC to co-deliver live zoom workshops for students in New York City attending Kappa III Middle School in the Bronx and Middle School 358 in Queens. Students virtually explored sculptures and textures in The Hepworth Wakefield garden and created textural drawings with artists based in Yorkshire and New York City.

In the UK, the workshop was live streamed to Year 7 students in South Craven School, giving students in Keighley the opportunity to work with New York artist Katherine Huala.

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