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Burberry Inspire: Remote Learning 2021

When schools moved to remote learning during the Covid-19 lockdown in January 2021, we created projects and resources to support students at Carlton Keighley and South Craven School to continue their creative journey at home. These included weekly art activities, a photography club and a wellbeing resource.

Art Activities at Home

Students connected with artists through weekly activities exploring new ways to look, draw and create. Activities were available as films and activity sheets via Google Classroom and used accessible materials students could find around their home and within their Burberry Inspire creativity kits received at the start of term.

“Working with The Hepworth has definitely made me a lot more happier because as lockdown happened, everything just stopped, and that was something that carried on going.” Student, South Craven School

Week 1: Creative Drawings

Experiment with creative drawing techniques with artist Bryony Pritchard.

Week 1’s activity sheet.

Week 2: Exploring Pattern

Join artist Harriet Fletcher to explore patterns around your home and create your own design.

Week 2’s activity sheet.

Week 3: Natural Collages

Use natural objects to create assemblages and collages with artist Harriet Fletcher.

Week 3 activity sheet.

Week 4: Surrealist Landscapes

Join artist Bryony Pritchard to create a surreal landscape inspired by photographer Bill Brandt.

Week 4’s activity sheet.

“Working with The Hepworth was a really good way to take my mind off everything that was happening in the outside world. It was time for me to think about myself and what I was doing instead of stressing about Covid and things. I really enjoyed trying all the new things because it was really fun” Student, South Craven School

Photo Club

In collaboration with artist collective foh-toh we developed a photography club for students at South Craven School.

Weekly briefs each had a theme encouraging young people to explore and capture their local surroundings, linking to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing – connect, be active, take notice, learn, give.

Each week, foh-toh shared their approach to image making, inspiring photographers and tips and tricks through videos and pdf briefs shared to Google Classroom.

“Doing the photography project really helped me reflect on myself when all the pressure and stress of lockdown was too much.” Student, South Craven School

Week 1: Landscapes

Connect with your local area through photography.

Week 1 brief.

Week 2: Still Life

Arrange and illuminate objects to create interesting images.

Week 2 brief.

Week 3: Abstract

Experiment to create abstract compositions.

Week 3 brief.

Week 4: Journeys

Capture a journey through a series of photographs.

Week 4 brief.

Week 5: Inspired places

Show emotions and connections in your images.

Week 5 brief.

“I was struggling in lockdown and as soon as I saw the work that was set for me to go outside and explore your own area I found it very calm. My photography project gave me the motivation to go outside. Just to explore the area I know in lockdown and take photos gave me a bit of relaxation from the work and stress.” Student, South Craven School

Wellbeing Resource

In collaboration with our Burberry Inspire partners Leeds Playhouse, Leeds Young Film and Northern Ballet we produced a wellbeing resource for students. A series of prompts, exercises and creative activities supported young people’s health and wellbeing during lockdown.

Artist Bryony Pritchard created a series of videos to accompany the resource, helping students to engage with activities outside of their comfort zone.

“I enjoyed the mindful exercises with Bryony as it was quite different, and something new to try. They made us more calm and relaxed in the environment that we were in.” Student, Carlton Keighley

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