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Burberry Inspire: Remote Learning 2020

During the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 The Hepworth Wakefield developed a six-week project to support students involved in Burberry Inspire to continue their engagement in art and creativity whilst learning from home. Students were able to connect with practising artists through weekly artist-led films and activity sheets that explored a range of accessible, creative activities.

The weekly art activities below use materials found around the home to develop student’s skills and knowledge, initially experimenting with noticing, recording and mark making techniques. They then introduce 3D activities, creating assemblages and sculptures to build visual literacy and sculptural understanding.

The final week invites students to create their own mini-exhibition at home to showcase their work and reflect on their artistic outcomes.

As part of our global collaboration with Burberry Inspire partners in New York, each week connects with an activity from Studio in a School.

Week 5 of the project is led by a New York artist from Studio in a School and the project became part of a digital exchange, with New York students viewing Yorkshire artist films and vice versa, giving students the sense they were part of a global community with shared experiences.

Week 1: Sketchbook Studies

Join artist Bryony Pritchard to learn how to make your own and use your own mini sketchbook! Go on a journey around your home or local area and record your observations in your sketchbook.

Download Week 1: Sketchbook Studies activity sheet.

Week 2: Draw Your World

Explore the world around you with artist Jo Blaker using different mark making techniques to create thumbnail sketches, drawing at different scales.

Download Week 2: Draw Your World activity sheet.

Read our Q&A with Jo Blaker.

Week 3: Natural Assemblage

Create assemblages from natural objects and materials with artist Harriet Lawton, inspired by Richard Serra’s Verb List.

Download Week 3: Natural Assemblage activity sheet.

Week 4: Exploring Sculpture

Use objects from around your home to create playful sculptures with artist Jo Blaker. Explore how you can represent your emotions, and how place and location can change sculpture.

Download Week 4: Exploring Sculpture activity sheet.

Week 5: Paper Sculptures

Create paper sculptures with New York artist Cynthia from Studio in a School. Experiment manipulating 2D paper into 3D sculptural forms.

Download Week 5: Paper Sculptures activity sheet.

Read our Q&A with Jo Blaker.

Week 6: Exhibition in Your Home

Join artist Bryony Pritchard to create a mini-exhibition in your home. Arrange and curate your artwork to showcase your work during the project!

Download Week 6: Exhibition in Your Home activity sheet.

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