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A Core of Scar - Community Programme

Working in partnership with Dominion Training, we invited ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) learners to The Hepworth Wakefield to respond creatively to Emii Alrai’s exhibition A Core of Scar. Here they worked with artist Stephanie Jefferies and Communities Programmer Jessica Witkowska to explore themes, materials and ideas in Alrai’s work.

Participants visited the gallery once a week throughout June and July 2022. In these sessions, the group looked at artworks, drew and talked about journeys and links to their own histories and cultures. In the learning studios, the group enjoyed food together and took part in creative making including clay, spoken word, fabric dying and drawing.

The group also visited Gordale Scar in North Yorkshire with Alrai and The Hepworth Wakefield learning team. Gordale Scar was a significant location in the development of Alrai’s exhibition and this was an opportunity for the group to make creative connections between their own stories and the landscape.

We were joined by sound artist Yasmeen Soudani at the gallery and for the trip to Gordale scar. Yasmeen recorded sounds, conversations and singing to create a sound piece that will be presented alongside Emii Alrai: A Core of Scar. The sound piece will be played as part of Art Walk on Wednesday 27 July and can also be accessed through the Bloomberg Connects app.

A Core of Scar community programme is generously supported by Iniva.