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Bloomberg Connects

Get more from your experience at The Hepworth Wakefield with Bloomberg Connects.

On Bloomberg Connects, users can discover more about the striking architecture of The Hepworth Wakefield; explore highlights from Wakefield’s art collection; look through the seasons at the new garden, designed by Tom Stuart-Smith; and be inspired to create their own art with family activity films devised by local artists.

You can also watch a brand new video interview with Sheila Hicks alongside archive video interviews with artists including Phyllida Barlow, Mona Hatoum and Dana Schutz linked to our current exhibition, A Living Collection.

Bloomberg Connects also features free digital guides to over 70 museums from around the world.

To download the free app, scan the QR code below or click this link. Once downloaded, open the app, scroll to The Hepworth Wakefield in the list of participating museums, and click our logo to start exploring our guide. Use the map to navigate the museum and to find key objects and displays included in our guide.

If you want to download Bloomberg Connects during your visit, please remember to bring headphones with you!

Archive - Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life

Revisit our 10th anniversary exhibition, Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life, via Bloomberg Connects.

Bloomberg Connects provides a gallery by gallery virtual tour of the largest exhibition of Hepworth’s work since the 1970s, from Hepworth’s early days growing up in Yorkshire, through to her varied personal interests, major public commissions and ongoing legacy.

An accompanying audio guide narrated and produced by Yorkshire actor Leah Whitaker, with Barbara Hepworth’s own words and writings read by acclaimed author Olivia Laing (pictured), is also available to listen to on the app and provides further insights into the artist’s life and work.

Archive - Nwando Ebizie: The Garden of Circular Paths

Nwando Ebizie’s immersive sound work, The Garden of Circular Paths, was designed for headphone listening whilst walking through Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life, inviting visitors to experience it through Ebizie’s lens as a Yorkshire-dwelling Afrofuturist.

The sound work, featuring composed music and field recordings from places in Yorkshire and Cornwall which have a connection to Hepworth’s life, is available for continued listened via Bloomberg Connects.