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Help Katy care for The Hepworth Wakefield Garden

We are raising £10,000 to help our Cultural Gardener, Katy Merrington, care for The Hepworth Wakefield Garden.

Katy, our Cultural Gardener, looks after our Garden on a daily basis. As a living composition, the Garden requires daily, labour-intensive care and attention to help it grow and develop. Each season brings its own challenges, whether it is cutting back the perennials, lifting, editing and dividing plants, or planting thousands of bulbs. In January 2021, Katy planted over 10,000 snowdrops across the garden. With your help, Katy can ensure the Garden fulfils designer Tom Stuart-Smith’s vision and continues to be a vital, living resource for visitors to The Hepworth Wakefield.

£15 buys 50 tulips
£25 buys 5 bags of mulch
£50 helps care for 4.50m² of the Garden for a year

Any gift, no matter the size, makes a real difference.

Donate now to help maintain The Hepworth Wakefield Garden.

The Hepworth Wakefield Garden has been one of the most exciting projects of my working life. It goes to the heart of what I have always wanted to do, to make beautiful places that people can enjoy freely – in every sense of the word; you don’t have to pay to get in, no one is going to tell you to keep off the grass, there are places to wander, to laze in, to sit and chat or simply to look at the plants and sculptures and it’s all done to a really high standard.

By reaching out and taking care of public space in such a wholehearted and creative way, The Hepworth Wakefield is blazing a trail where others will follow. The heavy lifting of the garden making is done, so now the fun bit starts and it is wonderful that in The Hepworth Wakefield’s Cultural Gardener, Katy, you have an inspiring and creative individual to make it all happen. Please give her and The Hepworth Wakefield Garden all the support you can! Thank you.’

– Tom Stuart-Smith

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