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Festival of the Earth

Wakefield's Festival of the Earth is an exciting programme of events, activities, workshops and more taking place across the district, brought to you by Wakefield Council.

Festival of the Earth will take place from July to October 2021 and will encourage local communities to work with the Council to make positive environmental changes to their daily lives and help tackle climate change - while having lots of fun.

The programme of events at The Hepworth Wakefield draws inspiration from The Hepworth Wakefield Garden and Barbara Hepworth’s deep engagement with the West Yorkshire landscape.

Entry to Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life is free for Wakefield District residents.

‘The Hepworth Wakefield is proud to be part of Festival of the Earth, and we are looking forward to running activities to promote the positive health and wellbeing benefits of experiencing nature in our city. We encourage Wakefield residents to make use of free entry to the gallery, where they can also enjoy a range of specially commissioned sound and music performances inspired by Barbara Hepworth.’

Nicola Freeman, Director of Engagement and Learning, The Hepworth Wakefield

‘Perhaps what one wants to say is formed in childhood and the rest of one’s life is spent trying to say it. I know that all I felt during the early years of my life in Yorkshire is dynamic and constant in my life today.’

Barbara Hepworth, 1961