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Erika Vogt Speech Mesh - Drawn Off

14 Feb - 06 Apr 2014

In Speech Mesh – Drawn OFF,  a group of cast sculptures were arranged in dialogue with a series of new videos. This was the first solo exhibition in the UK by Erika Vogt (b. 1974, New Jersey, USA).

The physical process of creating images and objects is the central subject of Vogt’s work, which incorporates sculpture, video, drawing, sound and photography into expanded multi-layered environments.

Drawing on her background as an experimental film-maker, Vogt’s installations can be seen as expanded cinematic environments where image, sound and narrative are exploded into space.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a poem by Paul Celan, and was used to evoke the image of a ‘net’ or a surface on which fragments of information become momentarily fixed into meaningful arrangements. Vogt’s repetition and distortion of motifs lends her installations an intrinsic feeling of instability. She resists the possibility of any singular reading being fixed upon them.

Exhibition supported by

The exhibition was co-commissioned with Triangle France, Marseille, and conceived as a single exhibition spanning two spaces. It was supported by ArtAV.