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Our staff

Senior Management Team

Simon Wallis, Director
Olivia Colling, Director of Communications and Development
Nicola Freeman, Director of Engagement and Learning
Kath Knight, Director of Business and Operations
Nick Stephenson, Head of Finance & Strategic Services


Paul Lightowler, Shop Manager
Amy Lilley, Public Programme Assistant
Lauren  Mills, Commercial Events Manager
Charlotte Morgan, Public Programme Executive
Rosie Ripley, Retail Development Manager
Calum Whelan, Shop Supervisor

Retail Assistants
Julie Atkinson, Sean Dewar and Cameron Hopkins


James Baxter, Senior Marketing Manager
Natasha Lyons, Communications Assistant
Rachel Oliver, Graphic Designer

For press enquiries and image requests, please email James Baxter


Jacoba Bruneel, Development Officer
Hannah Chapman, Senior Development Manager
Stephanie Jones, Development Assistant
Alison Robinson-Rowe, Development Manager: Trusts & Foundations

Email the Development team

Exhibitions and Collections

Andrew Bonacina, Chief Curator
Eleanor Clayton, Curator (currently on maternity leave)
Emily Riddle, Curator
Clare Nadal, Assistant Curator
Abi Shapiro, Assistant Curator
Karl Vickers, Gallery Technician


Victoria Boome, Senior Learning Manager
Rachel Craddock, Communities Manager (currently on maternity leave)
Sarah McNally, Youth Programme Coordinator
Hannah Vallis, Learning Manager: Schools & Projects
Jessica Witkowska, Family Programme Coordinator
Bea Wright, Learning Project Coordinator: Burberry Inspire

Email the Learning team


Alexa Becker, HR Manager
Ryan Cook, Finance Officer
Angela Gibson, Finance Assistant
Sandra Hogan, Housekeeping Supervisor
Helen Jones, Business Support Assistant
Alan Lovett, Estates Manager
Katy Merrington, Cultural Gardener
Laura Whiteman, Business Support Manager
John Whitworth, Estates Assistant

Penny Fearnside, Samantha Newsome and Dawn Shury

Email the Finance team

Visitor Experience

Chloe Simm, Visitor Experience Manager
Rebecca France, Visitor Experience Supervisor & Volunteer Coordinator
Alex Guy, Visitor Experience Supervisor: Venue Hire
Sam Morrow, Visitor Experience Supervisor

Visitor Experience Assistants
Julie Atkinson, Beverley Bennett, Sophie Bullen, Frances Burden, Sean Dewar, Teresa Edwards Sinclair, Radha Ferris, Zoe Firth, Sarah Foster , Lloyd Garnett, Jon Gibson, Nigel Grace, Alexander Guy, Jessica Heywood, Cameron Hopkins, Lucy Jackson, Ruth Lewis, Kirstin Munro, Robyn Nichol, Marlena Sierota  and Rachel Watson

Email the Visitor Experience team