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Amy D'Agorne

Amy D'Agorne is a Yorkshire-born and based photographer whose work primarily consists of long-form, research-based projects that play in the area between documentary and fine art photography.

Throughout her projects, D’Agorne investigates the prevalent issues related to climate change such as food sovereignty, corporate agriculture, fossil fuel extraction, and the many-faceted ways that late-stage capitalism presents itself. All as seen through a feminist lens. D’Agorne’s current project takes the humble potato as a starting point from which to investigate the current battles taking place around the solutions to impending food insecurity in the face of climate change. In this work she investigates the effectiveness of mixing documentary and more metaphorical photography for the purpose of understanding more deeply the complexities surrounding sociopolitical stories.

D’Agorne graduated with her BA in Photography from Edinburgh School of Art/The University of Edinburgh with First Class Hons in 2015. She has recently completed her Masters in Documentary Photography at The University of South Wales, home to The European Centre for Documentary Research.

‘I wanted to join this commission to gain experience in working with an institute as influential and of such importance as The Hepworth Wakefield, and alongside an artist as experienced as Hannah Starkey. I hope that the experience will aid me in continuing to build my personal and professional practice, and give me the experience and deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge and practice that is needed to function as a full-time independent artist.’ Amy D’Agorne

To find out more about D’Agorne’s work, explore her InstagramLinkedIn / Twitter

Amy D'Agorne
Amy D'Agorne, Peeling The Paris Green, 2022