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The Hepworth Wakefield is voted one of the UK's coolest brands

09 Nov 2021

An independent council of 49 experts and influencers from a range of fields from technology to fashion, and from beauty to health and wellbeing have identified The Hepworth Wakefield as a 'Cool Brand'.

The independent council were asked to score 1,540 brands considering five factors:

  1. Original – Does the brand stand out from rivals, is it distinctive and does the voter believe it treads its own path rather than following others?
  2. Innovative – Is the brand constantly refreshing and developing, proving adaptable and flexible, perhaps driving market changes based on shifting customer demands?
  3. Authentic – Does the brand have a clear and evident underlying purpose and values, and does it feel genuinely passionate about what it does?
  4. Desirable – Is there a lustre for the brand compared to peers, do people seek it out and is there excitement about new product and services they release?
  5. Responsible – Is the brand more than a nice product or service well presented? Is it fundamentally a good corporate citizen that treats its employees well and embraces positive human values and equality?

Having scored highly across all five factors, The Hepworth Wakefield is now recognised as one of Britain’s coolest brands. See the full list of Cool Brands here.

“I am absolutely thrilled that The Hepworth Wakefield has been identified as a cool brand by such an interesting and influential panel. Everyone at The Hepworth plays a part in building our brand, so it is incredibly rewarding to be recognised for this at a national level. We hope this award will lead to further brand awareness and new partnership opportunities.” – Olivia Colling, Director of Communications & Development