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Linder Sterling

Linder Sterling (b. 1954, Liverpool, UK) lives and works in Heysham, Lancashire, UK.

Her work draws together various elements of her wide creativity from working on fanzines to performing in bands; art performances to
fashion collaborations.

Linder: The Ultimate Form

Linder re-encountered the work of Barbara Hepworth while participating in The Dark Monarch exhibition at Tate St Ives in 2009 and made work for an exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield, examining both Hepworth’s sculpture and the tenacious conceptualisation of Hepworth’s artistic identity.

This research resulted in significant areas of interest:
– The use of strings in sculpture and music
– The importance of dance to Hepworth who practiced ballroom dancing and whose final studio was in an old dance hall
– The use of sculpture as a form of ventriloquism for Hepworth.

For her exhibition is 2012, Linder invited collaborators, performers and participants who had a specific relation to, or existing interest in, these key themes.

‘My household god for the last few years has been the Modernist sculptor, Barbara Hepworth. For most of my life Hepworth stayed firmly in the shadows of my creative blind spot,  I’m only just able to see and fully appreciate Hepworth’s jaw droppingly complex and ambitious body of work.’

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16 Feb - 12 May 2013

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