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Sketchbook Tour

2 hour gallery workshop for key stage 3, 4 and 5

A practical exploration of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture, contemporary art and The Hepworth Wakefield building.

Responding directly to the GCSE and A level syllabus where students are asked to evidence drawing from different purposes and needs as well as recoding from life, students will tour the galleries equipt with their sketchbooks.

Students will develop an understanding of the gallery and art work on display, develop drawing skills using a range fo materials plus explore working in 2D and 3D.

Please note students are encouraged to bring their own sketchbooks.

Delivered by Gillian Brent, Jo Blaker, Vinny James and Rachel Sim

All artists delivering have a wealth of experience working with schools and young people and are interested in building pupils confidence in questioning art work to form their own opinions.

Take back to school

  • Students will record observations and make drawings in their sketchbooks
  • Your class will receive a certificate of achievement to display at school


Wakefield Schools: £120

Other: £140

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Learning outcomes and curriculum links

Art and design

  • First-hand observation of Barbara Hepworth’s artworks
  • Explore ideas and imagination using experience of learning outside of the classroom
  • Develop understanding of contemporary sculpture, artistic process and materials
  • Develop drawing techniques and sculpture making skills using a range of techniques and media


  • Develop speaking and listening skills by talking confidently in new learning contexts, communicating ideas and critical analyse. Engage in discussion, confidently voice opinions and questions to show understanding

Outline of session


  • Starting in Gallery 1, students will learn about the collection and address the theme ‘creating memories’ to complete a series of observations drawing activities
  • Moving through to galleries 3 & 4 students will investigate the art work on display as well as gain an insight into the purpose built gallery spaces designed by architect, David Chipperfield
  • Inspired by Barbara Hepworth’s process, students will create individual 2D and 3D drawings using a range of materials before engaging in critical discussion
  • Addressing the theme ‘gallery in the city’, students will take inspiration from the landscape surrounding the gallery to complete several drawing activities while making connections with the artworks in Gallery 5
  • Exploring the temporary exhibitions in galleries 7-10, students will complete representational, abstract, timed and paired drawings in their sketchbooks
  • Questions and discussion points will be posed to the group throughout the workshop encouraging students to share there ideas with their peers and in small groups

How can teachers and group leaders help?

Please bring your enthusiasm, be prepared to join in and model good behaviour.

To support activity in the galleries please remind children about our three rules

  • no shouting
  • no touching
  • no running