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Sculpture and Story Making

1 hour and 15 minutes gallery workshop for EYFS, key stage 1 and 2

Pupils will learn about Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures as inspiration to develop their understanding of creating stories.

This practical workshop invites pupils to create their own stories and enjoy listening to the stories of others. At the end of the workshop, pupils will participate in an original story written exclusively for your class.

It’s a must for any class – from those already hooked on the joy of making stories to those needing an extra nudge to get inspired by narrative aspects of literacy.

Delivered by artist Sarah Osborne

Sarah Osborne is an experienced and inspirational drama teacher. Her work in education focuses on unlocking the creativity of children empowering them to engage and enjoy learning. She works extensively in schools exploring all aspects of the literacy curriculum through drama.

Take back to school

  • We encourage teachers to bring along a camera to document the workshop and practical work produced by pupils
  • Your class will receive a certificate of achievement to display at school


Wakefield schools- £100

Other- £120

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Learning outcomes and curriculum links

Early year’s foundation stage

Art and Design

  • Introduction to Barbara Hepworth’s artwork
  • Develop coordination and explore senses through sensory play
  • Experience learning in a new environment


  • Develop listening and communication skills
  • Learn about the world
  • Physical, social and emotional development


Art and design

  • Learn about Barbara Hepworth’s artwork and contemporary artists
  • Develop drawing techniques and understanding of sculpture
  • Evaluate, analyse and discuss the artwork in the gallery


  • Develop speaking and listening skills by talking confidently in new learning contexts and communicating ideas. Engage in discussion, confidently voice opinions and questions to show understanding


  • Build confidence and resilience in learning outside of the classroom
  • Build self- esteem by sharing opinions and explaining views on the artwork
  • Recognise choices made in a new learning environment
  • Work in small groups and individually
  • Develop critical thinking skills and take part in class discussion

Outline of session


  • Working in Gallery 4, pupils will investigate Barbara Hepworth’s tools while thinking about what tools we need to make stories
  • Moving to Gallery 5, pupils will be asked to explore the sculptures while thinking about what they might say and what they make the pupils think of before studying the landscape from the window and sharing the most interesting parts they can see
  • Working in one group, pupils will work together to build their own story inspired by Barbara Hepworth’s plasters in Gallery 5
  • Pupils will listen carefully to the story being read aloud before sharing their opinions with the group
  • For Early Years and key stage 1, pupils will respond to and physicalise the story read out loud by the artist ‘The Clever Artist’
  • For key stage 2, pupils will build their stories by engaging with a game called ‘make me’ where they will work together to create sculptures using their bodies. Pupils will be tasked with finding a solution for the characters problem before choosing where they want to set their story in the gallery

How can teachers and group leaders help?

Please bring your enthusiasm, be prepared to join in and model good behaviour.

To support activity in the galleries please remind children about our three rules:

  • no shouting
  • no touching
  • no running