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Debating Sculpture

2 hour gallery workshop for key stage 3, 4 and 5

Visit the gallery to explore Barbara Hepworth’s artwork and your own personal responses to sculpture.

Students will gain an understanding of how context can play a role in the viewer’s interpretation of the sculpture as well as use persuasive and thematic language to talk about sculpture.

Using a range of materials, students will produce individual drawings inspired by the landscape and artistic process.

Delivered by Lucy Courtney Clegg

Lucy is an artist who creates artworks in the public realm exploring narratives with people and places. Lucy has a passion for creative learning and believes exploring themes presented in artworks and the world around us can broaden our horizons, challenge our preconceptions and promote awareness of other cultures and experiences.

Take back to school

  • Students will produce individual drawings to take back to school
  • Your class will receive a certificate of achievement to display at school


Wakefield Schools: £120

Other: £140

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Learning outcomes and curriculum links

Art and design

  • First-hand observation of Barbara Hepworth’s artworks
  • Explore ideas and imagination using experience of learning outside of the classroom
  • Develop understanding of contemporary sculpture, artistic process and materials
  • Develop drawing techniques and sculpture making skills using a range of techniques and media


  • Develop speaking and listening skills by talking confidently in new learning contexts, communicating ideas and critical analyses. Engage in discussion, confidently voice opinions and questions to show understanding
  • Develop skills in critical thinking and voicing opinions within small and larger groups

At the end of the session, students will be able to

  •  Apply contemporary visual language confidently to take part in informed debate Initiate research in order to inform their understanding of specific artworks
  • Evaluate the relevance of their research and form individual opinions
  • Listen diligently to others ideas and respond with informed thinking
  • Appraise the gallery context and record strategies for future engagement

Outline of session


  • Working in gallery 2 & 3, students will work in pairs to explore the viewers’ visual response to the artwork
  • Moving into gallery 3, students will explore context by using the wall text in the galleries to answer questions asked
  • Students will use Barbara Hepworth’s tools and maquettes on display in Gallery 4 to research the materials and processes before sharing their ideas
  • From gallery 5 students will explore manmade and natural objects, figure in the landscape, colour, texture and shapes to inspire their own sculpture drawings
  • Students will explore thematic language and link this to the artwork on display. Taking on the role of an art critic and artist, students will describe the artwork to the group using observations, knowledge and persuasive language
  • Finally students will share their opinions on work created and feedback from this session

How can teachers and group leaders help?

Please bring your enthusiasm, be prepared to join in and model good behaviour.

To support activity in the galleries please remind children about our three rules

  • no shouting
  • no touching
  • no running