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The day the sculptures came to life

2 hours - Artist Workshop for key stage 1 and 2

Something strange is happening at The Hepworth gallery! Brave journalists are required to investigate reports that some of the sculptures have come to life…

This practical drama workshop explores how a sculpture would move, think and talk. Become reporters, eye witnesses, experts or even the sculptures themselves and create a video broadcast that captures the news scoop of the century…

Delivered by artist Sarah Osborne

Sarah is an experienced and inspirational drama practitioner. Her work in education focuses on unlocking the creativity of children empowering them to enjoy learning. She works extensively in schools exploring literacy through art.


Wakefield Schools: £130

Other:  £150

Take back to school

  • Pupils will produce a group performance and we advise that teachers record this with your own cameras
  • Your class will receive a certificate of achievement to display at school

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Learning outcomes and curriculum links

Art & Design

  • Learn about Barbara Hepworth’s artwork and contemporary artists
  • Develop drawing techniques and understanding of sculpture
  • Evaluate, analyse and discuss the artwork in the gallery


  • Develop speaking and listening skills by talking confidently in new learning contexts and communicating ideas. Engage in discussion, confidently voice opinions and questions to show understanding


  • Build confidence and resilience in learning outside of the classroom
  • Build self- esteem by sharing opinions and explaining views on the artwork
  • Recognise choices made in a new learning environment
  • Work in small groups as well as individuals
  • Develop critical thinking skills and take part in class discussion


  • Use imaginations to create original stories inspired by the artwork
  • Embody a number of characters working individually and in a group

Outline of session


  • Pupils tour the gallery searching for their favourite sculptures supported by a reason why

Learning Studios

  • Discussion about views, opinions and discoveries and select charater for the next stage of the session
  • Children will create the sculpture using their own bodies to explore how the sculpture would move and talk if the gallery came to life
  • In their groups pupils will allocate themselves in role as witness or news reporter and create a short drama scene where the witnesses are interviewed about what they saw and their response. These will then be performed to the rest of the group
  • Evaluative discussion: What have we done today? What did you enjoy? Did we learn anything new? What could we do next/back at school?

How can teachers and group leaders help

Please bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to join in and model good behaviour.

To support and coordinate activity in the galleries and remind children about:

  • no shouting
  • no touching
  • no climbing
  • no running