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Whitehall Studio

Whitehall Studio is a luxury knitwear brand that values quality materials, sustainability, craftsmanship and original design above all else, founded in 2014 by owner, designer and maker Nic Corrigan. Her designs are inspired by the past and heritage, ranging from houses in Burnley and LS Lowry, folk and vintage patterns and mid-century design.

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All of the yarns used by Whitehall Studio are high quality natural materials, manufactured within the UK, including redundant industrial waste yarn from high end UK labels that would otherwise end up in landfill. Nic combines this with cashmere and lambswool from a small Scottish mill that has been in continuous operation since 1778, meaning that many of her ranges are limited editions and very low waste.

Nic’s knitting machines are inherited or bought second hand and through open studio events, demonstrations and workshops, she aims to encourage people to learn to use them.

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