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Books from Barbara Hepworth's personal library in Masterpieces by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Photo: Stuart Whipps
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The Hepworth Book Club

28 Oct 2017, 11am - 12pm

It’s only through living and feeling, reading and feeling, carving and feeling that I believe and have faith.’ Barbara Hepworth, Letter to the writer E. H. Ramsden, 1944

For Hepworth, reading formed a crucial part of a daily creative process that, alongside carving, also included listening to music, writing and dance. She amassed an extensive personal library of books reflecting a broad array of interests, with titles varying from natural history and mathematics, to Christian Science and Zen Buddhism.

A considerable number of the books were given or lent to her by other artists and friends, revealing an important network of creative exchange. Some books relate directly to individual artworks, while others contain notes and annotations, including ideas for titles of works.

This is the first public presentation of the artist’s personal library, displaying a selection of books known to have held a particular significance for Hepworth, curated by Clare Nadal, a collaborative PhD student, funded by the University of Huddersfield.

The Hepworth Book Club

Selected Saturdays
11am, Gallery 3, FREE, no need to book

Join Clare Nadal, University of Huddersfield/The Hepworth Wakefield PhD Research Fellow, and guest speakers for a series of monthly discussions. We will read books from Hepworth’s personal library to explore the diverse themes and ideas that influenced her work, from Stravinsky to Rilke.

Veronica Ryan

Saturday 28 October, 11am - 12pm

Artist Veronica Ryan explores the annotations found in Hepworth’s books, and the parallel activities of reading, writing and making in the daily life of the artist.

Veronica Ryan is a British artist, currently splitting her time between New York and the UK. In 2000, Ryan completed a residency at Tate St Ives, where she worked in the former studio of Barbara Hepworth, using marble gifted by the Hepworth Estate. Through an ongoing residency at The Art House, Wakefield, Ryan is re-examining her connection with Barbara Hepworth to create new work for the Wakefield Permanent Art Collection.