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Tipple Tails

Tipple Tails yummy fruit cakes are made in Sheffield by passionate baker Jane Stammers.

Shop Tipple Tails products on The Hepworth Wakefield’s Instagram as part of the Online Christmas Fair on 27–29 November.

Starting as a family favourite at Christmas, Jane’s cakes gained a reputation with friends and family, who she regularly baked for at Christmas, Weddings other special occasions. Over the years, Jane perfected her recipe and the Tipple Tails cake recipe was born, made even more delicious and unique by her unusual boozy Infusions.

Jane is passionate about taking care of her little piece of the world and has taken lots of care with her choice of packaging materials too. Each cake is wrapped in a biodegradable cellophane bag and tied with bakers’ twine, which is made in Lancashire. Her paper cake cases are made in the Peak District and the tins that the cakes are packaged in come from a long-standing tin maker in London and can be used over and over again.

Jane’s cakes are hand crafted with great care, big on flavour and good to eat – just lovely, uncomplicated food.

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