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#THWCreates Challenge

'In the contemplation of nature, we are perpetually renewed, our sense of mystery and our imagination is kept alive...' Barbara Hepworth, 1934

Creative Challenge 2

In 1946 Hepworth wrote, ‘I spend whole periods of time drawing when I search for forms and rhythms and curvatures for my own satisfaction.’

Create a sculpture inspired by the view from your window. Take inspiration from Albert Wainwright’s painting of Robin Hood’s Bay.


Spend some time looking at the view from your house. Look at the shapes and patterns in the buildings, trees, plants, clouds, roads, birds going by. Draw what you see. Have you noticed anything new?


  1. Choose 3 shapes from your drawings and redraw them onto card. Each shape should fill one piece of card.  
  2. Cut out the shapes.
  3. Play and experiment with joining them together. You might like to fold or bend the shapes.
  4. Fix them together to create a standing sculpture. 
  5. The challenge is to make a stable sculpture without using sticky tape or glue! 

Handy hint: Try cutting slots into your shapes or use straws/sticks to join different pieces together.

See below how to share your sculpture with us!

Creative Challenge 1

One of Barbara Hepworth’s most famous sculptures is Spring, 1966. This week marks the spring equinox and pleasingly, the start of a spell of good weather, so we encourage you to be inspired by nature and create a work about spring. This could be a painting, a collage using leaves and twigs you find on the ground, or even a sculpture made up of found items, just like Bill Brandt and Henry Moore did.


Share your work with us

Please share with us images of your work by sending them to marketing@hepworthwakefield.org or upload to social media using #THWCreates and we will add the best ones to our family online art gallery