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Founded in 2020 in response to the global pandemic which paused the world we knew, Lit was born from a desire and a need to be creative, positive and productive from home when its founder found herself out of work.

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Combining her pastime making healthy scented candles with a passion for living a more sustainable lifestyle, founder Heather Gilberthorpe Pell developed recipes using 100% natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

Guided by high crafting standards (and a sensitive nose), Heather makes everything in small batches from her workshop in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, carefully crafting her blends with the highest dose of essential oils to achieve the best possible scent.

Litcandles are made from GMM-free rapeseed wax sourced from the EU, giving them a much lower carbon footprint than many soy based candles, and are scented with essential oil blends that release a full and pure scent with no carcinogens or soot.

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