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Here Be Monsteras

Kayti Peschke makes ceramics under the name of Here Be Monsteras from her garage studio in York.

Shop Here Be Monsteras products on The Hepworth Wakefield’s Instagram as part of the Online Christmas Fair on 27–29 November.

Kayti works with a mix of stoneware clays to create functional objects that aim to bring a bit of joy. She works with stoneware clays, decorated using coloured slips, underglaze and glazes, often playing with brushstrokes, dots, designs and screen-printing onto clay.

Kayti is currently working on new collections, including a collaboration involving screen-printing onto ceramics with York-based artist Jade Blood, as well as tableware projects with local restaurants and cafes.

Find out more about Here be Monsteras in this documentary by The Wall’s.

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