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Hashtag House

Hashtag House is a one woman show led by Laura Hudson, who does everything from drawing, designing, laser cutting, engraving, carving, marketing, selling, sweeping up and making tea!

Shop Hashtag House products on The Hepworth Wakefield’s Instagram as part of the Online Christmas Fair on 4–6 December. 

Laura studied Graphic Design at the University of Huddersfield, through which she developed a love of experimenting with laser cutting as an alternative to more conventional printing. The cutting process complements the natural properties of the wood or paper so that no inks or paints are needed (though she sometimes chooses to use them)

Over the last few years, Hashtag House has produced a range of laser cut and laser engraved gifts. She makes each piece is individually to order in my Yorkshire studio, and some of the collection can be personalised.

Hashtag House Online Shop

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