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Anna-Lisa Smith

Anna-Lisa Smith are a small design studio based in West Yorkshire specialising in contemporary woven textiles for the home. The studio work with local weaving mills and finishers to produce beautifully soft merino wool cloth which is then made up into blankets and cushions in the studio. Small and simple with an emphasis on simple design, quality materials and honest production.

Shop Anna-Lisa Smith products on The Hepworth Wakefield’s Instagram as part of the Online Christmas Fair on 27–29 November.

Anna takes her initial pattern inspiration from architecture, seeing a parallel between architectural drawing and weaving. One of her new collections is based on a beautiful tiled floor at the V&A in London.

Anna use only the highest quality, cruelty free merino wool, sourced from a West Yorkshire supplier. Her work is stocked at Tate Modern and internationally.

Read more about Anna at Fabric of the North.

Anna-Lisa Smith Online Shop

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