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Anna Hepburn

Anna Hepburn is a handmade contemporary textiles and upholstery studio based in Glasgow.

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Anna puts style and texture at the centre of her work and strives to be a circular business; recycling and using ethically sourced materials in all the products she produces when possible. Anna is most influenced by texture and how this simple addition can change the dynamic of a room.

Anna has been using fabric since she was very young, influenced by her Mum who is also a talented maker. She studied a BA Contemporary Fine Art; Sculpture/Performance (Central Saint Martins; Byam Shaw School of Art), graduating in 2011, but often reverted to using fabrics in her work. She returned to study upholstery in early 2017 and again to study furniture restoration, 2017 – 2019.

She has worked many jobs alongside and prior to the business, each area having an exciting influence on her business decisions; menswear fashion, set design, for independent craft & design businesses and, created art installations featured in galleries across the UK.

Read more about Anna at Not Just a Shop.

Anna Hepburn Online Shop

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